The Mason-Dixon Hot Shots

Instrumental Sound Clip
Sound Clip with Vocals

The above musicians are from the larger ensemble known as The Mason-Dixon Hot Shots. Instrumentalists in this group include banjo, tuba, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, drums, piano, cornet, saxophone, washboard, vocalists, dancers and other specialists added for special occasions.

Also pictured above are our lovely flapper dancers along with our genuine "red hot mama," blues chanteuse, Martine Allard. Their versatility and enthusiasm will spark every occasion. Besides the obvious styles of dance like the Charleston and the Black Bottom, they can perform, teach and solicit participation from your guests in many other jazz, swing and related dance styles.

Their Repertoire Includes:

Dixieland, Roaring 20's, Trad Jazz, Sing-alongs, Ragtime, Marching Band Music and Barbershop Style Singing. Available for parties, concerts, dances and in various combinations for smaller events.


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